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April 16, 2024

Before he went by Jesse “The Body” Ventura, he was James Janos, a midwestern kid growing up in South Minneapolis near The Lake Street Bridge to working-class parents, a nurse, and a city worker, who both served in World War 2. When he graduated from Roosevelt High School in 1969 the path at that point was quite clear. He would serve as many in his family had. What he couldn’t have known was where his path would lead in the decades that followed. From the ring at Wrestlemania 1 to the steps of the Minnesota state capitol and beyond. 

On December 1st 1969 Jesse entered the Navy and one year later graduated BUD/S(Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training) class 58 and went on to be part of Underwater Demolition (SEAL) Team 12. The UDTs that Jesse was a member of, were an elite special-purpose force, among others, which would ultimately become known as the Navy Seals since 1983.

After six years serving in the Navy,four on active duty and two in the Naval Reserves,Jesse was discharged a Vietnam Veteran and soon after became a full patch member of the South Bay chapter of The Mongols Motorcycle Club in San Diego. Earning the nickname “Superman”, Jesse credits the Mongols with being a "a stepping stone I needed to make the transition from military life back to civilian life. I owe them for being there for me when the rest of the world wasn't.” 

It was in 1974 that Jesse returned to the Twin Cities to attend North Hennepin Community College in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota on the GI Bill. While studying theater during the day and weightlifting at night, Jesse became fascinated by pro wrestling. After witnessing the match prowess and promo antics of wrestling legend Superstar Billy Graham, Jesse made the historic decision to become a pro wrestler.  When he wasn’t working as a bodyguard for stars like the Rolling Stones he was creating the character that would become iconic to wrestling fans everywhere. Taking on the moniker of Jesse “The Body” Ventura, a bleach-blonde bully straight off the beaches of southern California, he began his wrestling career in 1975 and over a decade later he held dozens of professional wrestling titles and made an indelible mark on the industry. When health concerns kept him out of the ring, he went on to revolutionize wrestling commentary.

During his time behind the mic, Jesse would also make his first foray into Hollywood starring as Blain Cooper in the Arnold Schwarzenegger action classic Predator in 1987. A true Hollywood success story, 30 years later Jesse has appeared in over twenty films, hosted numerous television and radio shows and amassed over ninety credits across all forms of entertainment media.

Jesse Ventura for Governor 

The only thing more shocking than Jesse’s 1998 independent run for Minnesota Governor was his historic win. Ventura ran an entirely grassroots campaign featuring one of the first times a candidate used the internet to reach voters. During his term, Governor Ventura made trade missions to China, Japan, and Mexico. But it was his trade mission to Cuba that raised more than a few eyebrows. To travel to the embargoed nation of Cuba, Governor Ventura had to defy the President of the United States. Then, President of Cuba, Fidel Castro, called him a man of great courage for doing so. The 38th Governor of Minnesota replied “You’ll find I defy most everything”. 

During his time in office, residents received tax-free checks funded by a rebate on the state’s sales tax and a budget surplus. He supported property tax reform, gay rights, and abortion rights and advocated for mass transit improvements, leading to the light rail system Minneapolis has today. 

Inspiration for Getting Involved with THC

At the end of his term Jesse discovered his love of off the grid living in Baja California, Mexico. When not publishing New York Times best selling non-fiction books or speaking out on the issues impacting our world, Jesse lived quietly on the beach communing with the natural world. 

In this post-politics world is where the very cannabis plant he had advocated for his whole life, especially as Governor, would come to be much more important than he could ever know. 

In 2023, the Minnesota government was on the cusp of legalizing cannabis for recreational use. During a series of public hearings, the good and the bad of cannabis were laid out for all to see. And at several hearings, the 38th Governor of Minnesota spoke his truth. He told the panels and all who watched, "Cannabis saved my life. Let that sink in. Not me personally, but the 38th first lady of Minnesota. And if I get choked up a little, bear with me.” He went on to share that after struggling to find treatments for his wife’s late-in-life seizures, he defied the law and got cannabis drops that stopped his wife’s seizures wholly and immediately. 

Having to break the law to treat his loved one’s medical condition inspired Ventura to create something with purpose that expressed his passion for the positive effects of cannabis in all its forms and his undying love for his home state of Minnesota.

The Birth of Jesse Ventura Farms

This is how Jesse Ventura Farms was born. This venture is Jesse’s way of not only helping to ensure that no family will have to go through the pain and trauma that he did, but also helping move the industry forward into a place of true legitimacy and community upliftment., ‘Was Jesse Ventura a Navy SEAL?’,

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