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Chocolate vs Gummies | What is more effective?

Is there a difference between the type of edible you choose?

Yes there is! While the main active cannabinoid like Delta-8 may be the same milligram strength between a gummy and chocolate. The ingredients that the cannabinoids bind to can play a large role in how effective the edible will be and how quickly it will activate.

What is the best type of edible?

While everyone is different and everyone will have their own favorite edibles we can give you a few things to look for when choosing a quality edible. Edibles that use real sugar, real flavoring and real ingredients are a good place to start. That's why we use real fruit, cocoa and vanilla in our Crunchy Bars and Chocolates.

Terms and Ingredients like Lecithin, Tapioca and Emulsified are good indicators that the edible will be emulsified and have a higher bioavailability. 

What is Bioavailability and how do I increase it?

Bioavailability is how effective a cannabinoid is at entering our system and how much is being used by our body. Something with a low bioavailability would mean even though the edible may say 10mg, you are only getting 2-5mg because of the low bioavailability. 

To increase the bioavailability of an edible product it should be eaten when you feel hungry and with a meal. The more emulsified an edible is the more bioavailable it will be. Chocolates and Tapioca gummies have a much higher bioavailability compared to Corn Syrup gummies or Rice Crispy Treats. 

Is chocolate the best edible option?

Chocolate is a very good option for those looking for an edible that is effective and activates quickly. Especially if eaten on a hungry stomach. Our Chocolates are designed to have just enough calories to activate the digestion necessary to uptake Delta-8 so you'll know our Chocolates are a safe and consistent choice!

Other options such as Water Soluble or Nano products will activate quickly like Chocolate but sometimes do not have enough calories to activate. Plus who doesn't love chocolate?

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