Awarding Winning Chocolates | What makes them great?

April 08, 2022

Our Award Winning Edibles

We went from only being known in a few small stores in Minnesota to being the most innovative hemp product of 2021 in just 7 months. 

How we designed our Chocolates

When Award Winning Formulator Mason Alt took on the challenge of creating a tasty and effective edible he knew he had to be unique and innovative. The Crunchy Bar recipe is one that originated in Michigan from Mason's Cannabis Mentor. A delicious crunch, real fruit center all while being covered in medicated chocolate. 

The Chocolate is an emulsification of Milk Solids and Cocoa Fats. Adding Delta-8 to the chocolate increases the bioavailability and speeds up the activation time of the edible. All while getting a satisfying crunch and burst of flavor in the middle. Perfectly formulated to be 100 calories an edible for the perfect metabolic activation.

Who issued the award?

Legacy's Cannabinoid Cup that takes place every year had their second and largest event in November 2021. The most innovative hemp product category was the only category where intoxicating cannabinoids could be used. So we went up against crazy 500mg Peanut Butter Cups and THC-O Cartridges. In our opinion it was the most competitive category to be in. 

It was humbling to hear the amazing feedback from judges and event goers who were trying our edibles for the first time. At that point it did not matter if we won or not. We knew we were helping people enjoy edibles so much more.

When our name was called there was no more of a humbling experience. Knowing that we had come from not being known 7 months prior to winning the most innovative hemp product gave us the motivation to start working on new products that will be launching 4/20/2022.

Our Secret?

We have to admit we used our secret weapon to win this award. White Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Crunchy Bars. They were soo delicious that we could have sold them without any Delta-8 in them. Real Pumpkin infused frosting center with other spices dipped in a luscious white chocolate and topped with ground up Biscoff cookies. Even if you weren't a fan of White Chocolate Pumpkin Spice, you were a fan of these bars.

Thank you to everyone who supported us at the event and continue to support us as we continue to grow and create amazing edibles.

Here is to an amazing rest of 2022.


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